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There are several various ways bettors use the halftime guess, but for the most part, they use it more as a hedge bet. No matter how you want to bet a halftime bet, it is yet another fun way to bet.

Lets say you have a bet on the Dolphins and Bills game. The Dolphins were loved by 3 and are up 14-7 at halftime. At halftime a new bet comes out with a new spread. Most of the cases when a team that is favored at the beginning of the game is up by more than the original spread, the underdog will most likely be favored in the second half.

With this example, the Bills being 3 point underdogs at the beginning of the game and discover themselves down by 7 at halftime are likely going to be favored in the second half by at least 3. Another example of this bet deals Ligajago with the over/under. Lets still use the Dolphins/Bills game. The original over under of the game was fouthy-six. With it being a total of 21 years of age points in the first half, the possibilities of the over/under of the second half to be more than 21 years of age is a great possibility. Most likely, the over/under in the second half will be approximately 24 to 26.

One of the biggest reasons for the halftime bet for a wagerer is to hedge their bet. The thing with bets is, winning is great, losing sucks and a push is ok! Breaking even is a lot better than losing! With a halftime guess, you could possibly take that losing part out if the right bet is made.

Let’s stick with the Dolphins/Bills game. Lets say the Dolphins were loved by 3. 5 and are up at halftime 24-7. The halftime bet comes out and the Bills are loved by 4. Your original bet was the Dolphins. Well, right now they look pretty good in within the bet right? But you want to hedge your bet just to be on the safe side. So if you were to hedge your bet, you would bet on the Bills in the second half -4. Here are the possible scenarios that could play out:

The Bills go all out in the second half and win the game 28-27. Well, your original bet of the Dolphins -3. 5 is down the deplete But you did take the Bills in the second half so that bet covered. OUTCOME: HEDGE BET= PUSH

The Bills come out in the second half and get smoked cigarettes and lose the game 41-10. You win your original bet of the Dolphins -3. 5 BUT lose the second half bet of the Bills -4. OUTCOME: HEDGE=PUSH

The Bills come out in the second half and make a valiant effort but get beat 27-21. You win your original bet of the Dolphins -3. 5 AND other half bet of the Bills -4 because the Bills outscored the Dolphins in the second half 14-3. OUTCOME: HEDGE=DOUBLE YOUR MONEY.

The halftime guess is just another way to bet on a sporting event. It keeps you interested with the second half of a good blowout game! Just realize this when it comes to halftime wagering: You don’t get days, weeks, etc. to handle the bet as you would with a regular spread on a game. You get about 10 minutes to work it out and go from there. Choose wisely!

Halftime bets can be very best for bettors that know what they are doing and have viewed the first half with a purpose. The sports books only have a few days to put up a line for the second half and because of the small amount of time frame, the so called smart money haven’t moved the lines yet. This is a golden opportunity for you to make money if you have done the research before the game has started and have viewed the first half closely.

Examples of pre-game research are to see how the teams play in the first half in comparison to the second half. Look at their gambling and points have scored for each half and make graphs for when they are behind and in front at halftime. Some coaches play towards the vest during the 1st half and then come out and throw every play at the opposition in the second half. Other coaches look to join a team in the first half and then try to take the air out of the ball in the second half.

Chart these teams accordingly. Chart how teams play on the road and at home, inside the division and beyond the division for all the scenarios above. This is only some of the basic chart examples. If you make these graphs and watch the first half of the game with a purpose you can find opportunities for you to make money. You may have to hold off on the garlic bread and beer until after the second half starts so your head is clear and you are focused on winning some cash. I will be offering as a bonus in our football packages, possible 2nd half plays to everyone our subscribers, this year.

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